Large Format Stainless Steel Film Developing Tank

B&W KING 4X5' 5X7' 120/135 Format Stainless Steel Film Developing Tank



1,Full-immersion & Manual developing
2,Large capacity & Easy assemble and Disassemble
3,Rotational stirring & Convenient operation
4,Durable metal structure



Product Details:

1,BWG01 For 4x5 Inches specifications of film,It will hold up to 10 sheets at a time .

height: 170 mm
diameter: Ø110mm
capacity: 1050ml
weight: 1210 g
Products include: BWG-01 tank body a,HB-01 tank core one,A cotton bag.
B&W KING 4x5' Format Stainless Steel Film Developing Tank

2,BWG06 For 5x7 Inches specifications of film,It will hold up to 6 sheets at a time
height: 195 mm
diameter: Ø110 mm
capacity: 1350 ml
weight: 1320 g
Products include: BWG-06 tank body a,HB-02 tank core one,A cotton bag.
B&W KING 5X7' Format Stainless Steel Film Developing Tank

Product Description:

B&W KING large format stainless steel developing tank adopts full-immersion developing method, it is very easy to operate, at the same time has a large capacity. B&W KING is suitable for darkroom operation.
This product uses a rotating stirring way to solve the common problem: liquid overflow seepage while shaking the tank, and fixes the problem of unevenness.
This product is completely made of stainless steel, it is well-structured and durable.
Every product has a unique serial number for product recognition and customer service.

B&W KING 4x5\5x7 stainless steel development can take a stretch forming,Stainless steel precision casting in the bottom of the pot core.
5X7 stainless steel tank infusion (1350ml) with the fastest in about 22--24 seconds, the medicine is poured out time less than 12 seconds.
B&W KING 5X7 stainless steel developing tank core
The tank core casting plate adopts stainless steel precision casting; all pass through the design, the liquid flow is good.
Tank core arc using special stainless steel flat wire; sheet placed take cylindrical spiral structure, circular sheet arrangement. After the insertion of the film to use its own tension, loading and unloading is convenient.
The bottom of the pot core is taken as the stainless steel precision casting, and the surface is treated with vibration polishing,.
The bottom of the core of the tank is designed with a round bracket (stainless steel precision casting)
At the bottom of the pot core has a stainless steel wheel, convenient and rotation

Stainless steel pot cover with a top developing upper cover, inside the mouth with rotating paddles.
As the liquid is poured into the mouth from the top picks one side, the other side of the gas overflow tank exchange.
Rotary paddles, tank barrel tank core linkage rotating in same direction.

The developing tank cover rotating ring effect:
1, coupled with the rotating ring, and then cover the lid, you can easily turn the top, driven by the core of the tank rotation. Can not only ensure the tank mouth not leaked bright room light. You can also reduce the finger contact with the liquid.
2, take off the steel ring, buckle on the top cover. Ensure sealing tank, reverse developing tank, reduce leakage.


Developing tank tank cover adopt stainless steel corrosion resistance QPQ blackening, greatly improves the performance of the developing tank obstacle light.

At the same time, 5X7 developing tank cover design to take long rod allocated, 5X7 cans are compatible with 4X5.


The design of the product as well as the logo of B&W KING owns intellectual property rights, ratified by Chinese National Industrial and Commercial Bureau and China's State Intellectual Property Office.



1 Installation of film
1.1 the development can lie down, spiral arc opening direction, facing the operator. Operator left hand supporting jar core (handle) edge, the thumb is placed on the tank core spiral arc and column interchange (limit and feeling film installation point). The right hand film (film perforations parts), membrane tank facing the core center.
Tank and film formation core point angle, the alignment film core spiral arc groove pot, gently into. When the film back in the column, the fingertip force, the film back to the post, the film back into the column and the arc of the groove, the film is fixed.
After the right hand to install the film, the left hand to push back the direction of the core. Start installing another film.
1.2 Put the tank core into the developing tank, and then put the driving lever to then central hole, fasten the big lid and roof.

2 Film developing, fixing film
2.1 Vertical tanks, open the roof cover, the developer along side gently pour inside the top opening.
tilting tanks, can speed up the dumping. Liquid dosage should be determined in advance.
2.2, vertical tanks, rotating a deflector, the enhancement roof mouths pot-in-pot core same direction rotation, film and even mixing tank liquid.
Developing and stirring method of B&W KING:
1, the rotation of the core to take a slow, interval rotation method, to avoid rapid, continuous rotation.
2, the operator can also take the traditional flip, shake and a short period of time of the tank cross rolling development method.
3, black and white film development standard rotation mode time:
Turn two circles (below) /10 seconds, interval 50 seconds (above).
Rotation speed; Slowly, even, no more than two circles per minute. Slowly and evenly. Don't allow fast, for a long time. Operation method to operate own experience.
2.3 development is complete, liquid mouth poured out from the pot.(film fixing operation is the same).

3 Down the film
3.1 Horizontal tank core, spiral arc mouth outward (pot core and install the film in the opposite direction).
3.2 Operation of his hands can of core at both ends, with both hands thumb (finger) is located in the pot core pillar of arc on both sides, gently press film, out side column center card slot; Hands thumb gently from inside to outside slip at the same time, the film after the end of all pressure limit groove, the film gently push forward again. After the film side will be because the film tension, automatic exit pillar. The operator put the whole film from the pot core spiral arc gently pulled out, the operation is complete.

4.Developing roof cover steel ring
4.1 plus the steel ring, cover the lid, Can easily turn, driven in pot core. Guarantee is opening is not light leakage. And can reduce operating finger contact with liquid..
4.2 remove the steel ring, button on the top .Ensure tank sealing, can reverse the developing tank, reduce dripping.

5. Safekeeping
5.1 Don't knock against, especially do not change in the arrangement angle of arc.
5.2 After use, scrub clean In particular, the tank cover, the internal layer easy to residual liquid, it is recommended to use the hot air dryer after the preservation



The product uses Kodak, Fujifilm, Ilford film width data design. Users need to use the same data of the film. Film that does not conform to the above data is not suitable for this product.

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